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Add dependencies

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protobuf @ bf531ff1
Subproject commit bf531ff1a004f24ee53329dfd5ce0b41bfdc17df
uuid @ c55201b0
Subproject commit c55201b036063326c5b1b89ccfe45a184973d073
testify @ c5d7a69b
Subproject commit c5d7a69bf8a2c9c374798160849c071093e41dd1
crypto @ fbbbdbdd
Subproject commit fbbbdbdd6f61a8f86b00866626c2fe3d2a642db0
net @ 815d315e
Subproject commit 815d315ead425c4365077d904a2331ee9e179820
grpc @ 1a592831
Subproject commit 1a5928317d2d6526b75552438d5593e005f36477
mgo.v2 @ b6e2fa37
Subproject commit b6e2fa371e64216a45e61072a96d4e3859f169da
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