Commit c2e0bcd0 authored by Loïck Bonniot's avatar Loïck Bonniot
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[CI] Fix CI on arm

parent 2ed2387b
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......@@ -29,10 +29,11 @@ ARM tests:
- arm
- "ln -s -f $(pwd) $GOPATH/src/dfss"
- "./build/"
- "go test -cover -short -v ./auth"
- "go test -cover -short -v ./mgdb"
- "go test -cover -short -v ./dfssp/..."
- "go test -cover -short -v dfss/auth"
- "go test -cover -short -v dfss/mgdb"
- "go test -cover -short -v dfss/dfssp/authority"
Code lint:
stage: test
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