Commit 9c2d90f8 authored by Loïck Bonniot's avatar Loïck Bonniot
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[CI] Add demonstrator to linux amd64 build

parent 2afd1573
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......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ build_g:
cd gui && goqt_rcc -go main -o a.qrc.go application.qrc
cd dfssd/gui && goqt_rcc -go gui -o a.qrc.go application.qrc
cd gui && go build -ldflags "-r ." -o ../release/dfss_${VERSION}_linux_amd64/dfssc_gui
cd dfssd && go build -ldflags "-r ." -o ../../release/dfss_${VERSION}_linux_amd64/dfssd
cd dfssd && go build -ldflags "-r ." -o ../release/dfss_${VERSION}_linux_amd64/dfssd
cp /lib/ release/dfss_${VERSION}_linux_amd64/
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