Commit 65c3cf1f authored by Loïck Bonniot's avatar Loïck Bonniot
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Merge branch 'iss176_2' into 'master'

US-176: Renaming generated files to dfSs

dffs or dfss... that is the question.

See merge request !10
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......@@ -13,9 +13,9 @@ import (
const (
// PkeyFileName is the private key file default name
PkeyFileName = "dffsp_pkey.pem"
PkeyFileName = "dfssp_pkey.pem"
// RootCAFileName is the root certificate file default name
RootCAFileName = "dffsp_rootCA.pem"
RootCAFileName = "dfssp_rootCA.pem"
// PlatformID contains platform private key and root certificate
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