Commit 415f8766 authored by Loïck Bonniot's avatar Loïck Bonniot
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Merge branch '203_goqt_ci' into 'master'

[CI] Update integration tests and deploy for GUIs

See merge request !48
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Pipeline #514 passed with stages
......@@ -47,12 +47,23 @@ Integration tests:
- golang
- mongo
- goqt
- "lesterpig/mongo:latest"
- "ln -s -f $(pwd) $GOPATH/src/dfss"
- "./build/"
- "cd $GOPATH/src/dfss && make install"
# Copy required files
- "cp $GOPATH/src/* $GOPATH/src/dfss/dfssd/"
# Build ressources
- "cd $GOPATH/src/dfss/dfssd/gui && ../goqt_rcc -go gui -o application.qrc.go application.qrc"
# Build binary
- "cd $GOPATH/src/dfss/dfssd && go build -ldflags \"-r .\" -o dfssd"
# Install binary
- "mv $GOPATH/src/dfss/dfssd/dfssd /bin/"
- "mv $GOPATH/src/dfss/dfssd/ /lib/"
# Start integration tests
- "go test -v dfss/tests"
Code lint:
......@@ -79,6 +90,7 @@ Deploy:
- golang
- strong
- goqt
- "ln -s -f $(pwd) $GOPATH/src/dfss"
- "./build/"
......@@ -20,7 +20,6 @@ install_all: install
go install ./...
git reset --hard
release: clean build_all package
# prepare_gui builds a new container from the goqt image, adding DFSS dependencies for faster builds.
# call it once or after dependency addition.
......@@ -52,9 +51,21 @@ protobuf:
protoc --go_out=plugins=grpc:. dfss/dfsst/api/resolution.proto
# Release internals
# Do not run these commands on your personal computer
release: clean build_x build_g package
go get
gox -os "linux darwin windows" -parallel 1 -output "release/dfss_${VERSION}_{{.OS}}_{{.Arch}}/{{.Dir}}" dfss/dfssc dfss/dfssp dfss/dfsst
gox -osarch "linux/amd64 linux/386 linux/arm windows/386 darwin/amd64" -parallel 1 -output "release/dfss_${VERSION}_{{.OS}}_{{.Arch}}/{{.Dir}}" dfss/dfssc dfss/dfssp dfss/dfsst
cp $(GOPATH)/src/ /bin/
cp $(GOPATH)/src/* /lib/
cd gui && goqt_rcc -go main -o a.qrc.go application.qrc
cd dfssd/gui && goqt_rcc -go gui -o a.qrc.go application.qrc
cd gui && go build -ldflags "-r ." -o ../release/dfss_${VERSION}_linux_amd64/dfssc_gui
cd dfssd/gui && go build -ldflags "-r ." -o ../../release/dfss_${VERSION}_linux_amd64/dfssd
cp /lib/ release/dfss_${VERSION}_linux_amd64/
echo "$(VERSION) $(REVISION)" > build/embed/VERSION
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