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[p] Platform handler

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......@@ -43,8 +43,7 @@ func (s *platformServer) Auth(ctx context.Context, in *api.AuthRequest) (*api.Re
// Handle incoming UnregisterRequest messages
func (s *platformServer) Unregister(ctx context.Context, in *api.Empty) (*api.ErrorCode, error) {
return nil, nil
return user.Unregister(s.DB, net.GetClientHash(&ctx)), nil
// PostContract handler
package user
import (
api "dfss/dfssp/api"
// Unregister delete a user based on the provided certificate hash
func Unregister(manager *mgdb.MongoManager, userCertificateHash []byte) *api.ErrorCode {
count, err := manager.Get("users").DeleteAll(bson.M{
"certHash": bson.M{"$eq": userCertificateHash},
if err != nil || count == 0 {
return &api.ErrorCode{Code: api.ErrorCode_INVARG, Message: "No user matching provided certificate"}
return &api.ErrorCode{Code: api.ErrorCode_SUCCESS}
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