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......@@ -2,8 +2,19 @@ DFSS
> Distributed Fair Signing System
DFSS can run on the following platforms:
- Linux (amd64, i386 and arm)
- MacOS (amd64 and i386)
- Windows (amd64 and i386)
A running mongoDB database is required for the Platform module.
Installation (UNIX)
This archive contains all the needed DFSS modules to run a distributed multiparty signature.
You just have to untar the archive and run the following binaries:
......@@ -13,3 +24,55 @@ You just have to untar the archive and run the following binaries:
./dfssp help # Platform
./dfssd help # Demonstrator
Here is a basic tutorial to setup a new DFSS environment.
### Setup platform
The first thing to do is to create the *root certificate of authentication* for the platform.
You can configure several parameters for that (check the `help` command of `dfssp`).
For instance, if we are running the plaform on the `` host:
./dfssp -cn -country FR -rootValidity 3650 init
You can then start the platform. Here we are considering a mongoDB database running on the same host.
Firstly, we have to configure several environment variables to set smtp server configuration (mails):
export DFSS_MAIL_HOST=""
export DFSS_MAIL_PORT="587"
export DFSS_MAIL_USERNAME="mailer"
export DFSS_MAIL_PASSWORD="password"
./dfssp start
### Setup clients
Each client needs the `dfssp_rootCA.pem` file in order to connect to the platform in a secure way.
Clients can then register on the platform with the following command:
./dfssc -ca path/to/dfssp_rootCA.pem -host register
A mail will be sent to the user containing a unique token. Use this token to authenticate onto the platform:
./dfssc -ca path/to/dfssp_rootCA.pem -host auth
When this is done, the client will have a certificate and a private key in the current directory.
It's then possible to send new contracts to the platform:
./dfssc -ca path/to/dfssp_rootCA.pem -host new
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